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Ovum » Telecoms research


Coverage Areas

What sets us apart

1) We understand converging markets

Advances in technology and new business models mean that value is shifting, with markets reshaping as players respond. For example:

  • network managed services are converging with IT managed services
  • telco network infrastructure is converging with software infrastructure
  • hardware devices are converging with hardware platforms
  • enterprise IT is converging with communications

We are uniquely positioned to help you understand this landscape and to address its commercial implications, because of our:

  • Longstanding expertise – We have been advising leaders in the telecoms industry for over 25 years, enterprise CIOs and IT vendors for 20 years and TV players for more than 15 years
  • Multi-disciplinary teams- With teams comprising researchers and analysts with expertise in each of the converging industries, we can quickly assemble new research streams and deliverables, and rapidly provide an informed view on where new opportunities and challenges lie.


2) We are connected

  • We can help you to understand local trends and market drivers – We have analysts in 23 global research offices, and engage with the industry at a senior level via more than 150 of our own annual events.
  • We are accessible in supporting your decision making – Our senior analysts are always available to answer questions quickly and reliably for you.

3) We support your commercial decisions

We focus exclusively on enhancing the results you achieve from critical business tasks

  • Strategic planning – All our research processes have robust market data and five-year forecasts at their core. This means you can depend on the reliability of our intelligence when planning future direction and prioritizing opportunities.
  • Product strategy – Because of the depth of our expertise in each market in which we operate, you can rely on our intelligence to steer, validate, and inform product and portfolio strategies.
  • Go-to-market activity – Our deep engagement with companies who are, in many cases, your prospects means you can depend on our intelligence to inform and empower your sales and go-to-market teams.

Our Services


Knowledge Center

Ovum’s online portal enables you to access & share insight, & engage with our analysts.

  • Access on the move – optimized for desktop, tablet, and smartphone use
  • Ask an Analyst – put your questions to our analysts
  • Visualization of market data and forecasts
  • Simple navigation, powerful search
  • Create customized weekly and monthly research alerts.


Authoritative, practical expertise for your project.

  • We have experience working across all parts of the telecoms and media value chains in both developed and developing markets
  • We have deep consulting expertise and can enable regulatory, technical, market, competitive, product and go-to-market initiatives.
  • All of our consulting projects benefit from our core market data and forecasting expertise and our engagement with diverse community of C-level executives.

Data Tools

Critical metrics to enable your strategic planning, product marketing, and go-to-market tasks.


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