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Ovum » Pay-TV Opportunities in Latin America: Brazil

Pay-TV Opportunities in Latin America: Brazil

13th November 2012


There has been continuous rapid growth in satellite services in Brazil: subscriptions have more than tripled over the last three years. Nevertheless, the country’s pay-TV market looks set to remain confined to the growing middle and higher-income consumer segments for the foreseeable future.

Ovum expects to see an upturn in the cable TV sector during 2013–14, although the expansion of both of the dominant pay-TV delivery platforms will be constrained by affordability barriers. Operators must become proactive in targeting the lower end of the market with appropriate pricing and packaging of both pay-TV and multi-service packages.

Despite the recent removal of regulatory restrictions on telcos, IPTV also faces several hurdles, including a geographically fragmented marketplace and the entrenched dominance of cable and satellite, which remain largely under the control of media conglomerates.

Features and Benefits

  • Understand the existing competitive landscape and required growth conditions for multichannel TV services in Brazil.
  • Identify the key local drivers and barriers (including economic and regulatory factors) to further growth of pay-TV adoption and revenue generation.
  • Determine the success potential for the key TV delivery platform technologies.

Key Questions Answered

  • What is the current and potential size of Brazil's pay-TV market, and what is the individual potential for each delivery platform?
  • What are the economic and competitive conditions shaping the current and future pay-TV landscape?
  • Which are the main players in Brazilian pay-TV, and how can the role of government and the arrival of new players affect the status quo?

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