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Ovum » 2014 Trends to Watch: Insurance

2014 Trends to Watch: Insurance

16th October 2013


Insurers will implement customer self-service initiatives in order to become more customer-centric.

Insurers will shape their sales channels to align more closely with agents' expectations.

Insurance legacy system modernization will focus on customer channels.

Features and Benefits

  • Discover the key business trends and technology enablers for the insurance industry in 2014.
  • Learn the major business strategies of insurance companies for 2014.
  • Find out what insurance CIO imperatives are for 2014.

Key Questions Answered

  • What customer self-service initiatives do life and non-life insurers plan to invest in?
  • How far along the CRM/CEM adoption path will life and non-life insurers be?
  • What are the top sales channel priorities for life and non-life insurers?

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