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Ovum » Research

On the Radar: Votiro



Phishing is a major vector for malware attacks. The spear phishing variety, in which something is known about the target to increase the likelihood of them clicking on the attachment or link in the email, is becoming ever more frequent. Votiro provides technology to protect enterprises from spear phishing exploits.

Enterprise ICT Trends 2015: Turkey



Large Turkish enterprises are eagerly embracing new technologies and services as they continue to emulate their European counterparts. However, they must deal with a number of challenges that are characteristic of emerging markets.

Oracle finds the right balance between industry expertise and horizontal firepower



Market forces are driving the industry enterprise to require more flexibility, agility, and innovation from its IT than ever before. Oracle is bringing a unique vertical strategy to the market that addresses this need by coupling industry expertise with horizontal IT firepower, which will make its solutions not only more accessible but also more future-proofed.