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Ovum » Research

IPsoft is expanding into business processes



IPsoft’s foray into business process–centric use cases, with the launch of its artificial intelligence platform “Amelia,” underlines the beginning of a convergence of IT and business process–centric approaches.

On the Radar: Peplink



Peplink has developed a solution to enable all WAN links to be available to all services so as to improve connectivity and reliability.

DOCSIS Splits Forecast: 2014–19



Ovum’s recent cable technology research includes five-year forecasts for the total addressable market of DOCSIS 3.0 connections and the various migration patterns of cable customers by region and country.

On the Radar: Twilio



Twilio is a privately held, US-headquartered global provider that offers a cloud-based communications platform for voice and messaging, application programming interfaces (APIs), software clients, and associated connectivity services.