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PR Contacts

  • Jennifer Duraisingam
  • Global PR Manager
  • Tel. +613 9601 6723
  • Email Jennifer
  • Alica Brlajova
  • Global PR and Marketing
  • Tel. +44 (0) 20 7017 4994
  • Email Alica

Press Releases

Analyst View: Google’s rebranding as Alphabet spells a tighter focus for core businesses

Breaking News Comment

Google is restructuring itself, with new parent company Alphabet created to oversee the Internet giant’s range of activities. The core Internet, search, and Android businesses will continue to operate under the Google name, managed by Sundar Pichai, who had previously managed a range of products including the Chrome browser and Android operating system. Google’s Capital […]

Ovum states from Gamekeeper to Poacher: TV Advertising’s Digital Opportunity

Press Release

TV Advertising Poised to Surge Past US$200bn Buying Time to Evolve and Challenge Digital Specialists Despite concerns over the longer term viability of TV advertising, Ovum’s latest forecast* shows that, on a global basis, revenue growth is expected to continue through to 2020. The US$174 billion generated by TV advertising in 2014 is expected to […]

Telcos must turn big data into smart data to manage customer churn and loyalty

Press Release

Utilizing big data analytics to personalize the customer experience will be crucial for telcos to manage customer churn and improve loyalty, says Ovum. It takes on average, at least 3.5 years for telcos to break even on SAC (subscriber acquisition cost), however the average customer lifetime for telcos is currently only 2 years. To offset […]

Ovum announces half-yearly global mobile subscription rankings

Press Release

According to a new research* by global analyst firm Ovum, China Mobile is ranked in first place, Vodafone in second, and India’s Bharti Airtel in third as the three largest mobile operating groups in the world in terms of proportionate subscriptions. Mai Barakat, Senior Analyst, Middle East and Africa, Telecoms says “based on the rankings […]

Ovum says Sub-US$100 smartphones to generate 40% of unit sales by 2020

Press Release

According to a new forecast* by the independent telecoms analyst firm Ovum, total handset sales are expected to grow from 1.88 billion to 2.16 billion units between 2014 and 2020, at a compound annual growth (CAGR) rate of 2.4 per cent.  Smartphones will comprise 95% of global handset sales by 2020, up from 65% in […]