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PR Contacts

  • Jennifer Duraisingam
  • Global PR Manager
  • Tel. +613 9601 6723
  • Email Jennifer
  • Alica Brlajova
  • Global PR and Marketing
  • Tel. +44 (0) 20 7017 4994
  • Email Alica

Press Releases

Analyst View: PayPal divorce from eBay welcomed

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Eden Zoller, Principal Analyst, Consumerat Ovum comments: “The decision to split PayPal from eBay next year is a smart move that will benefit the payments provider. PayPal’s revenues are not yet as big as eBay’s ($9.9bn and $7.2bn, respectively) but the gap is closing and PayPal is the faster growing business with 19% revenue growth […]

Analyst View: Alibaba’s IPO fills the kitty for acquisitions – could Tango be a target?

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Alibaba’s IPO may also have implications for its involvement in the mobile messaging market. Pamela Clark-Dickson, Senior Analyst, Consumerat Ovum comments: In March 2014, Alibaba participated in a US$280 million funding round in the US-headquartered messaging-and-video-calling application provider, Tango, injecting US$215 million into the company, which has about 250 million registered users. This is despite […]

Analyst View: Alibaba’s plan to expand outside of Asia is a longer-term play

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The Alibaba IPO was always going to be a guaranteed blockbuster as it headlines just about every multiplier you could hope for in a public offering from an online player: China, e-commerce and mobile, plus the promise of acquisitions and international expansion. But far more interesting is what happens once the dust has settled on […]

Ovum reveals global LTE subscriptions reach 250 million milestone

Press Release

The number of LTE mobile broadband subscriptions worldwide reached the milestone of 250 million in the first quarter of 2014, according to global analyst firm Ovum.  Ovum’s latest update to the World Cellular Data Metrics*, which tracks mobile data usage and take-up including subscribers, deployments, revenues, mobile broadband usage, and SMS/MMS/data traffic, shows that the […]

Analyst View: Alibaba’s IPO will drive Alipay to become more global

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With Alibaba’s upcoming IPO expected by many to be the largest ever, surpassing even the flotation of Visa Inc in 2008, global attention is refocusing on the rise of a regional e-commerce giant. Gilles Ubaghs, Senior Analyst, Financial Services Technologyat Ovum comments:   Central to its long term potential however will be its continued relationship with […]