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PR Contacts

  • Jennifer Duraisingam
  • Global PR Manager
  • Tel. +613 9601 6723
  • Email Jennifer
  • Alica Brlajova
  • Global PR and Marketing
  • Tel. +44 (0) 20 7017 4994
  • Email Alica

Press Releases

Ovum: Asian mobile services will need telco – OTT collaboration to grow

Press Release

At the Mobile World Congress Asia edition in Shanghai in July, Chairman of China Mobile, Xi Guohua, took a bold stand by stating that in order to capture the next wave of the mobile Internet, mobile operators and OTT players must work together. The view that partnering with OTT players will further the range of […]

Ovum: Adobe and IBM are on top for enterprise digital marketing platforms, but Oracle and Salesforce increasingly threaten

Press Release

A new report* by global analyst firm Ovum has found Adobe to be the overall market leader for digital marketing platforms, followed closely by IBM, Oracle, and Salesforce. SAS and Teradata are the market challengers and new market entrant Marketo is a follower. These vendors share three-quarters of the annual US$5bn global market spend on […]

Analyst View: Microsoft tees-up Windows 10 for the trillion-dollar Internet of Things

Breaking News Comment

Windows 10 – the successor to Windows 8 – becomes ‘Generally Available’ for consumers tomorrow. Enterprises will get their variant in the October/November timeframe. Makers of desktop, laptop, and tablet computers are hoping that Windows 10 will win-back users lost through the Windows 8 debacle and, in so doing, reinvigorate the market with sales of […]

Ovum view: Consolidation between Visa Inc. and Visa Europe looks likely

Breaking News Comment

After long speculation, Visa Inc. recently announced that it is in formal talks with Visa Europe regarding reconsolidating into a single global entity. The two separated in 2007 as part of Visa Inc.’s restructuring before listing on the NASDAQ; Visa Europe remains owned by its European member banks. Visa Inc. maintains call back options to […]

Ovum announces half-yearly global mobile subscription rankings

Press Release

According to a new research* by global analyst firm Ovum, China Mobile is ranked in first place, Vodafone in second, and India’s Bharti Airtel in third as the three largest mobile operating groups in the world in terms of proportionate subscriptions. Mai Barakat, Senior Analyst, Middle East and Africa, Telecoms says “based on the rankings […]