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Ovum » How we help TV & Digital Media Companies


The TV and media industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation from its legacy model of packaged goods, closed networks and dedicated devices to a new world of digital delivery, over the internet, to multiple screens.

As the leading provider of intelligence and analysis across the telecoms and media space, Ovum can give you the detailed intelligence and analysis you need to thrive in this new landscape. Some sectors have fared better than others, of course. The music business is only just showing signs of recovering from the damage done to it by piracy, while the TV industry has proved relatively robust, by comparison.

As a TV or media company you simply can’t afford to ignore the threats, or opportunities, presented by Internet delivery. If you are an existing player, your challenge is to exploit new opportunities without undermining your legacy businesses. If, on the other hand, you are a new entrant, it’s vital for you to understand the complexity of media markets in order to understand where you can best fit in. In either situation, our analysts have the expertise and understanding to help you.

We can help you:

  • Understand the commercial dynamics of key media sectors, including TV, over-the-top video, digital advertising, music, video games and publishing.
  • Quantify and forecast opportunities across key TV and media sectors in up to 149 markets, both developed and emerging.
  • Learn how to best address challenges and opportunities presented by rapidly changing consumer behaviour.
  • Understand your position in the evolving market landscape in order to identify and respond to new competitors, partners and suppliers.
  • Identify and exploit new revenue opportunities created by technological, economic and regulatory change.
  • Quantify the opportunities presented by smartphones, tablets and other screens in up to 61 markets, both developed and emerging.
  • Navigate the transition from physical to digital in order to optimise the balance between legacy and new business models to maximise revenue growth.
  • Identify and exploit the convergence of digital and real world media, including live events, digital out-of-home advertising and location-based services.
  • Benchmark your strategies against detailed case studies of best practice from existing market leaders and emerging disruptors.
  • Become market leaders rather than followers, by identifying and exploiting new opportunities for innovation and collaboration before your competition.