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Ovum » How we help Telecoms Vendors


As a vendor, there are currently a wealth of new revenue opportunities open to you. These are driven by fast-moving broadband and internet developments and continuing traffic growth. There are also counter forces at work in the market including customer consolidation, shrinking operator capex and opex commitments, increasing competition and fragmented technology domains.

The new business models that operators are increasingly adopting (eg. network sharing, outsourcing and managed services) will give you, as a network or software vendor, the chance to reposition your business as an enabler or partner, and to generate revenues from services, support, integration and business-transformation.

The vendors that are best able to interpret and act on these developments and those willing to reinvent their strategies, will be best equipped to gain advantage.

Ovum can help you:

  • Verify your research and product-development strategies by identifying emerging technologies and technology trends, and the factors driving their adoption.
  • Decide where best to focus your investment in new products and technologies.
  • Track the growth of telecoms markets globally and identify the countries and regions which offer you the most growth potential.
  • Get a better understanding of potential market size for new products and technologies, whether from our trend analysis or our in-depth five-year global forecasts.
  • See how rapidly new technologies such as LTE will be rolled out.
  • Gain a greater insight into operators’ need to drive down costs and build revenues through technology innovation.
  • Profile your customers’ networks to understand their future requirements, including network costs, cost/GB and the business case for specific investment decisions.
  • Gain a better understanding of how you can meet the demand for new smart network technologies and identify the approaches for managing traffic growth that best meet the needs of operators
  • Identify and evaluate key changes in the market, such as the move towards heterogeneous networks and small-cell architectures
  • Identify gaps in the market and highlight opportunities for partnerships, collaboration or acquisition
  • Be more aware of the strategies of your competitors.