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Ovum » How we help Operators and Service Providers


With new technologies, players, opportunities and threats appearing all the time, operators and service providers need to protect their position  by being able to predict and respond to these changes faster and more effectively than their competitors.

Ovum helps you to do this with market leading insight, context and understanding of the sector.  We can help you to judge when and how to migrate legacy technologies, as well as helping you select the infrastructure and systems you’ll need to create new services.

We help you manage your telecoms portfolio

Our intelligence enables you to monitor the changing market landscape so you can keep aware of the latest developments and assess how changes could impact your current product portfolio:

  • We forecast all product categories (across enterprise, consumer, wholesale) in 67 countries. Our analysts can help you develop robust future market scenarios to form the bedrock of your business planning.
  • We track the growth of telecoms markets globally, letting you identify those countries and regions which offer most growth potential.
  •  We evaluate the deployment of new technologies such as LTE. You can use our analysis of how these technologies are being taken to market by other operators (with more and less success), to inform new launch strategies.
  • We assess impact of OTT services on core telecom products, and can help you develop response strategies to minimise the impact of these ever more challenging players.
  • We assess which are the most effective pricing models to remain competitive, while at the same time managing traffic levels at peak times.
  • We can help you develop successful wholesale and MVNO strategies in both consumer and enterprise markets.
  • We can help you develop a strategy for building new lines of business across different enterprise vertical sectors.

We help you make informed technology investments

With traffic growing all the time, it’s vital for service providers to invest in new networks and technologies. However, slowed revenue growth (especially if you operate in a mature market) makes it harder to justify higher network spend:

  • We can help you decide when and how quickly to invest in new network technologies, through sizing the demand for legacy technology.
  • We can help you evaluate the revenue potential of new network services features achieved via deploying big data and analytics alongside network.
  • We can help you decide on the most effective network strategies for managing traffic growth; from optimization to local caching and CDNs and offload to femtocells and Wi-Fi.

We help you identify new revenue opportunities

We can help you identify new revenue opportunities you can access by building, partnering or acquiring new services on private, partner or public infrastructure:

  • We identify changing buyer requirements to help you develop products aligned with changing technology usage and attitudes.
  • We evaluate new media opportunities that are open to service providers, through our partnership trackers. We also provide service provider analysis and case studies which show where operators are managing the transition into the market.
  • Through our integrated forecasts, we track how value is shifting from traditional operators, OTT providers and media companies.
  • We identify different partnerships across their networks, devices, consumer and enterprise businesses.
  • We track emerging consumer technologies, with analysis around each technology’s impact, who is best placed to serve future consumer demand, and how you can build new revenues. Our analysts work closely with you to develop new consumer products.
  • Our dedicated country tracker service helps you understand how the SME market is changing and what new products are being launched.
  • We help you understand the benefits of cloud computing to your business and to your customers.