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Ovum » World Cellular Information Service

The industry’s leading analytical service 

Launched in 1995, World Cellular Information Service (WCIS) is the cellular world’s benchmark source of accurate, robust data and forecasts.

The service combines live, intelligently sourced data from leading mobile industry players with an unrivaled analyst support service. WCIS tracks global mobile subscriptions, KPIs, financial and operational indicators via an advanced online interface.


Use WCIS to track:

Historical and forecast subscriptions

Historical data and 5-year forecasts of subscriptions, market share and penetration are by geography, operator and technology

Key performance indicators

Metrics available by operator and subscription type: ARPU, churn, minutes of use, operator traffic, operator revenues, EBITDA, EBITDA margin, capex, capex per net addition, capex per subscription, opex, SAC, disconnections, gross additions.

Networks and suppliers

Data on all global in-service, discontinued and pending network deployments including: Component suppliers, technology, features, launch date, suppliers and operational status

Handsets and devices

A complete database of device specifications, features and market status, including: Manufacturer, market status, technology, features, dimensions, form factor, operating system and browser. Five-year terminal sales and market share by region, geography and technology

Operator ownership

Ownership details including direct and indirect investments, ownership and investment status.

Country and operator profiles

Top level summary charts and tables for every global operator including: Forecast subscriptions, prepaid/postpaid split, ownership, licenses, network deployments and KPIs, summary KPIs by country

More than metrics

Analyst Support when you need it

WCIS includes an unlimited Analyst Support component to maximize the decision making value of the service. Use the support service to clarify a source of data, query our methodology or to simply get advice on how to best manipulate and extract data.

Why Choose WCIS?


WCIS provides one-click access to the most comprehensive mobile tracking tool available. Because the service is a fully relational database at its core, you can perform advanced comparative queries, build a custom research view or drill down to a specific segment.


We believe that forecasts should be prepared as part of a collaborative, integrated process involving both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Our dedicated forecasting team collaborates closely with our analysts in designing the data models and market mind-maps which support our forecasts.


Our metrics and forecasts are robust because our analysts are experienced and well connected. We continue to resist the trend to outsource data collection – the quality of our service provider relationships is just too important. Our in-market analysts are based in nine research offices enabling us to understand local market dynamics

Additional Metrics

A subscription to WCIS also includes access to the following additional data sets:

  • Interactive subscription forecast tool
  • Prepaid and postpaid subscription forecasts
  • Unique subscribers
  • Herfindahl-Hirschman Index
  • Interactive revenue forecast tool
  • Revenue forecasts with splits for data and voice
  • ARPU forecasts with splits for data and voice
  • Smartphone connections forecast
  • Mobile broadband subscriptions
  • Mobile broadband pricing
  • Vendor network infrastructure contract announcements
  • Number of base station
  • Network population coverage
  • Network spectrum holdings
  • Licence auctions
  • Mobile number portability availability
  • Mobile data deployments
  • Regional trend overview presentations
  • Regional analyst conference presentations.

Additional Data Packages

WCIS is available with the following supplementary data packages:

  • World Cellular Data Metrics. Tracking mobile data usage and take-up including data subscribers, deployments, revenues, mobile broadband usage and SMS/MMS traffic
  • World Cellular Handset Tracker. A monitoring service for global handset availability including technology, form factor, prices and full specifications
  • World Telecoms Financial Benchmarks. A service tracking detailed financial and operational KPIs for 40 of the largest global operators – covering mobile, fixed and mobile & fixed businesses.
  • World Cellular Investors. Details proportionate subscription data for the world’s largest 40 mobile operating groups.