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Ovum » ICT Enterprise Insights


Technology and communications buyer intelligence by line of business

Technology is playing an increasingly integral business role in enterprises worldwide. However, ICT strategies, adoption, and priorities vary considerably by industry, country, size, and business type. Understanding these differences is critical for ICT providers, with successful vendors being those whose go-to-market approach is aligned to the business objectives of specific client segments.

Most challenging of all for vendors is gaining a consistent and comparable global view into enterprise ICT strategies, which allows for an overall understanding of market opportunity from a business and technology perspective, but also provides sufficient depth to understand nuances at country and sub-industry level.

Ovum’s ICT Enterprise Insights program has been developed specifically to meet this requirement.

A global mega-survey drawing on the opinions of 6,500 enterprise ICT decision-makers

ICT Enterprise Insights is the most effective way for vendors to discover, understand, and act on evolving ICT decision-maker attitudes to technology investment.


Ovum’s ICT Enterprise Insights program is based on surveys with 6,500 senior IT executives across more than 60 countries and in 17 vertical markets and 38 lines of business. Providing executive perspectives on a range of topics including business/IT drivers, investment priorities, selection criteria, sourcing, and vendor preferences, it facilitates client-led decision-making within a vendor. Designed to support vendors across their organizations, it importantly aligns with data requirements across strategy, product, marketing, and sales functions.


Insight to support your decision-making from strategic planning through to client engagement

Deep insight on target markets is critical for ICT providers, but importantly it needs to be embedded across the entire organization. Not only is understanding customer imperatives essential for strategy functions, in targeting new or existing markets, or developing propositions, but it should be core to decision-making within product development, marketing, sales, and delivery functions.


Product development, corporate and product messaging, and sales campaigns need to reflect the nuances of each enterprise segment targeted. The ability to understand and adjust to these is key to ensuring client centricity throughout the organization.

Intuitive delivery

Easily interrogate ICT Enterprise Insights to understand the segments that matter to you

ICT Enterprise Insights is delivered via data dashboards that enable multidimensional filtering and interactive charting.

They facilitate meaningful comparisons across segments and allow you to combine IT investment themes to spot trends and zero in on significant result sets.

  • Powerful data visualizations
  • Multidimensional filtering to isolate segments
  • Interactive charting
  • Data extraction to MS Excel for further analysis

 Choose the geographical coverage you require

The ICT Enterprise Insights program is available to purchase by region; alternatively you can opt for all responses in a global package to facilitate vertical industry and technology comparisons across 67 geographies.


To learn more about how Ovum’s ICT Enterprise Insights program can help your business, contact us.

Why Ovum?

Ovum is uniquely qualified to develop and deliver a program that provides more than simply data.

Ovum has built upon it considerable experience in running primary research programs on the Enterprise ICT market to create a program such as ICT Enterprise Insights that combines scale of research with industry and technology analyst expertise. This provides breadth of coverage, with highly granular depth, while providing integrated insight across IT and business perspectives at the industry, and sub-industry level.


  • Has 120 analysts located at offices around the world, with an average of over 15 years’ industry experience
  • Continuously engages with ICT decision-makers conducting over 10,000 interviews per annum and advises on technology selection
  • Benefits from the close collaboration of horizontal and vertical industry technology analyst teams