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Ovum » White Paper

LTE Industry Insight and Vendor Analysis

White Paper

As consumers, employees and citizens, we have never before attached so much value to communications, to mobility and connectivity generally, and to entertainment services. An increase in awareness of data services has benefited consumers and developers, as applications that bridge the physical and virtual worlds continue to emerge to enhance everyday living conditions. In a […]

The TDC and Huawei Managed Services Strategic Partnership

White Paper

Produced in association with Huawei and TDC Typical of a mature market, Denmark’s telecommunications market is characterized by the ubiquitous use of mobile services and devices. This means that the ability of incumbent operator TDC to differentiate through a servicecentric operational model is pivotal to its success.

Smartphone use transforming with the rise of 4G and Wi-Fi

White Paper

Produced in association with Mobidia. This discussion paper is the latest in a series on smartphone user trends published by Informa Telecoms & Media in partnership with Mobidia. The aim of this paper, in keeping with the five previous papers – the first of which was published in February 2012 – is to harness Mobidia’s […]

The changing nature of managed services in telecoms

White Paper

Sponsored by Altran The mobile market is becoming an increasingly challenging environment: Regulation, competition within and outside the established value chain, the appearance of new entrants and the fast-paced change in user requirements are starting to put a strain on mobile operator profit margins. Moreover, financial and market trends that previously followed a cycle of […]

Mobile Network Operator Approaches to M2M & Strategies for Ensuring Profitable Services

White Paper

Sponsored by Aeris Communications The machine-to-machine (M2M) market is founded on the value derived from operational efficiency. That efficiency is critical to the business model of all the members of the M2M value chain, from the enterprise customers that deploy M2M-enabled processes, products and services, to the network operators that transport and switch the data.