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Smart 2025: The Future of the Connected Home and Community

White Paper

The connected home and community are vital topics because they have an impact on how we spend our time with family, friends, neighbors and broader communities. As we have seen with everything from TV and broadband to smartphones, consumers are more than happy to adopt new technology when it brings real benefits such as saving […]

The StarHub and Huawei Partnership on IT Outsourcing for Enterprise Cloud Business

White Paper

There is widespread and growing interest in cloud services among enterprises globally, and this has attracted theattention of a variety of ICT providers. Cloud has been propelled to the top of some of these providers’ strategicagendas, and many are investing in delivering public cloud services such as: infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform-as-a-service (PaaS). If you’d […]

Social Customer Service: Not Just Another Contact Channel

White Paper

The advance of social media is the story of our time. In just a few short years it has transformed the way people interact with each other, with businesses, with their devices. It has enticed all ages with the twin promises of instant communication and just-as-instant response.

Solving Common Smartphone Woes – Insights and Lessons for Operators

White Paper

Smartphones are now an essential accessory to everyday life. As well as being used for communication, for many they have become the main access point to the Internet, and are increasingly used for entertainment, paying for goods, monitoring our health, and storing vital personal information, content, and data. As well as being slim and light, […]

Laser-Radio Provides New Alternative for Backhaul

White Paper

In today’s 4G/LTE wireless networks, there are many cell-site topologies, configurations, and sizes, each with a specific set of backhaul capacity and performance needs. Fiber delivers the capacity, reach, and availability required by most modern telecoms applications including mobile backhaul, but it is not always available. AOptix manufactures a hybrid laser-radio that combines an optical […]