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Ovum » White Paper

Quality Mobile Broadband Network

White Paper

Quality pays. Quality especially pays when it comes to a mobile operator’s network. An operator with a reputation for providing a good-quality network will attract and retain subscribers. Network quality provides a true competitive differentiator. The challenge is that “quality” does not come quickly or easily. There are several steps a mobile operator needs to […]

Be The Gryphon: How to Change your Organisation’s Trajectory through Digital Business Transformation

White Paper

Ovum, supported by SapientNitro, set out to interview 50 CEOs (or equivalent) from large organisations in Europe who have recently activated a digital business transformation initiative. Our aims are to understand and share the stage of maturity of digital business transformation initiatives in Europe, and to define the leadership strategies and issues as well as […]

Growth market mobile operators must face the challenge of OTT comms apps now

White Paper

The incredibly fast smartphone and mobile broadband adoption is transforming the mobile industry – and changing the way consumers communicate. At the end of 2014 there were over 2 billion connected smartphones in use globally , and this figure looks set to almost treble by 2020. Many smartphone users – in both mature and emerging […]

Smart 2025: The Future of the Connected Home and Community

White Paper

The connected home and community are vital topics because they have an impact on how we spend our time with family, friends, neighbors and broader communities. As we have seen with everything from TV and broadband to smartphones, consumers are more than happy to adopt new technology when it brings real benefits such as saving […]