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Ovum » White Paper

Winning with Emerging CRM Channels

White Paper

If there has been one constant over the past five years, it is the shift in how consumers interact not just with each other, but how they choose to interact with enterprises across vertical markets. No longer are end-users confined to just telephone voice-based interactions, especially with the proliferation of so many new non-voice communications […]

Why Fronthaul Matters: A key foundation for Centralized and Cloud RAN

White Paper

LTE networks are now starting to breathe new life into the business models of the operators, which are able to organically increase revenue while migrating many of their subscribers to smartphones and data packages. Ovum’s analysis illustrates healthy growth in operator financials in markets where LTE has been launched. On the other hand, initial LTE […]

Ovum LTE-A Yearbook

White Paper

As consumers, employees, and citizens, we have never before attached so much value to communications, to mobility and connectivity generally, and to entertainment services. Increasing data awareness has worked for the benefit of consumers and developers as applications that bridge the physical and virtual worlds continue to emerge to enhance everyday living conditions. In a […]

Quality Mobile Broadband Network

White Paper

Quality pays. Quality especially pays when it comes to a mobile operator’s network. An operator with a reputation for providing a good-quality network will attract and retain subscribers. Network quality provides a true competitive differentiator. The challenge is that “quality” does not come quickly or easily. There are several steps a mobile operator needs to […]