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Ovum » White Paper

White Paper: Operating under new interchange regulations - new models for driving consumer and merchant loyalty

White Paper

The retail banking industry is facing unprecedented disruption. New entrants, the convergence of activity on mobile devices, and rapidly rising consumer expectations are creating a huge customer engagement challenge. At the same time, interchange regulation has removed the revenue used to fund many loyalty offerings. Despite this, retail banks have huge customer assets at their […]

NFV’s Cultural Revolution whitepaper series

White Paper

Perhaps the biggest challenge of virtualization isn’t getting used to the technology. It’s about the change of culture. Many service providers still follow industrial processes developed for 19th century production lines. But what worked in making the Model T Ford doesn’t suit dynamic, 21st century digital businesses. To profit from NFV’s disruptive benefits, what’s needed […]

White Paper: Integrated Messaging Platforms

White Paper

The mobile messaging infrastructure market has changed significantly in recent years, partly in response to the increased pressure on mobile operators to reduce their capital and operational expenditure, and partly in response to the changing composition of mobile messaging. Telcos are experiencing slowing growth or even declines in their revenue from traditional messaging and voice […]

White Paper: Mobile Video Requires Performance and Measurement Standards

White Paper

Video, both from third-party providers and mobile operators, has become a big element in the consumer mobile broadband experience. As more consumers switch to LTE services, video as a component of mobile traffic will only grow. Mobile operators need to prepare for the impact video has on their networks and have a way of understanding […]

White Paper: Bharti Airtel & Nokia Service Management Initiative

White Paper

Operators worldwide are under tremendous pressure to improve operational efficiency, to deliver better service experience and to address strong service usage demands. Financial and competitive pressures coupled with an increasing shift to a multivendor multi-technology environment are forcing operators to change how they manage their networks and deliver their services.