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Centralization is a must for CSPs: Managed service providers such as Huawei and Ericsson are well positioned to execute a centralized operations model for CSPs

White Paper

There are numerous forms of operational transformation program that CSPs can adopt to become more efficient and agile, but the most ambitious programs involve a strong element of centralization. Centralization projects can encompass a wide range of core CSP operations but current priority areas for CSPs are process, organizational, and technology issues surrounding network and […]

TWDM PON Is on the Horizon

White Paper

With the completion of lab trials this year, commercial trials expected in 2015, and initial deployments forecast for 2016, TWDM PON (time wavelength division multiplexing passive optical networking) is on the horizon. While today’s PON meets the requirements of residential subscribers, small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and some MBH (mobile backhaul) applications, CSPs (communications service providers) want […]

Mobile Call Recording in the Capital Markets

White Paper

Enterprises in virtually every area of business are going mobile, in terms both of customer and employee communications, to the point where it is a truism to say that the future of work is mobile. However, this paradigm represents a challenge for companies in highly regulated sectors, where both good governance and external regulation mandate […]

Gi and NFV: Low-Friction Service Selection and Innovation

White Paper

The telecoms market is changing. Several tectonic shifts are happening at the same time, some threatening, and some offering new opportunities for established players. Services, competition, technology, and business models are shifting, driven by the rapid growth in OTT applications and cloud-based service models.

Unleashing the Power of Ultra Broadband

White Paper

Fixed broadband has seen phenomenal growth globally over the past decade – in terms of both subscriptions and overall speeds. Demand has been driven by consumers and enterprises looking for better experiences and more efficient ways of working, and supply has been delivered by operators through significant investments in networks and IT infrastructure and media […]