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Ovum » Tony Baer

  • Tony Baer
  • Principal Analyst
  • IT – Information Management

Tony Baer leads Ovum's research on the software lifecycle. Working in concert with other members of Ovum's software group, Tony's research covers the full lifecycle from design and development to deployment and management. Areas of focus include application lifecycle management, software development methodologies (including agile), SOA, IT service management/ITIL, and IT management/governance.

Tony has been a noted authority on software development platforms and integration architecture for nearly 20 years. Prior to joining Ovum, he was an independent analyst whose company ‘onStrategies’ delivered software development and integration tools to vendors with technology assessment and market positioning services. He also led Computerwire's CIO Agenda and Computer Finance end-user best practices research services.

He co-authored some of the earliest books on the Java and .NET frameworks including Understanding the .NET Framework and J2EE Technology in Practice. He has spoken at numerous industry events on SOA, and remains a regular participant in the BriefingsDirect podcasts on SOA and enterprise software development trends.

His career began as journalist with leading publications including Computerworld, Application Development Trends, Computergram, Software Magazine, Information Week and Manufacturing Business Technology.

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