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Ovum » Richard Hurst

  • Richard Hurst
  • Senior Analyst
  • Enterprise Services

Richard Hurst is a senior analyst in Ovum’s Enterprise team, and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Prior to joining Ovum, Richard worked as program manager for Communications and Networking Africa at IDC South Africa, where he was responsible for IDC's telecoms and networking research, analysis, and consulting services across the African continent.

Richard has published various studies covering market sizing data as well as forecasts on the use of fixed-line and mobile wireless technologies including GSM, CDMA, ADSL, Wi-Fi, and wireless broadband. This research has also included an investigation of the regulatory environment and how current and future changes are expected to impact market developments and future growth.

In addition, Richard has led consulting projects for various financial institutions to assist in testing the validity surrounding the business cases of new network ventures.

Richard graduated from the University of South Africa where he received a BA in Economics and Politics followed by an MBA at Milpark Business School.

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