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Ovum » Michael Azoff

  • Michael Azoff
  • Principal Analyst
  • IT - Infrastructure Solutions

Michael has been working as an IT industry analyst since 2003, bringing over 20 years of experience in pure and applied research and consulting in the IT industry. At Ovum he leads the software development and lifecycle management (SDLM) research and his current focus is on Agile practices in software development, from enterprise Agile transformation initiatives to DevOps, as well as cloud related SDLM, rich Internet applications, and enterprise IT mobile development.

Michael is the lead author on major Ovum analyst reports covering the SDLM space. He runs Ovum Master Classes and Enterprise Workshops on Agile related topics, both external and also in-house at client organizations. Michael is a keynote speaker at Ovum strategy briefings and symposia events, and is also invited to keynote and sit on panels at vendor and user organisation-sponsored events.

Providing consulting services to Ovum’s clients is a key part of Michael’s activities, offering analyst advice and helping them make the right process and technology choices; example consulting includes assessing market readiness for a Software-as-a-Service offering, and helping a custom software development team transform towards being Agile.

Michael started out in academic research, gaining a PhD from Sheffield University, UK, on modelling novel semiconductor devices, and subsequently contributing to the UK government's IT initiatives with research work at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. This was followed by a variety of roles in R&D and the IT industry. Michael's career has included winning a UK government-sponsored Smart award for applying artificial neural networks to industrial projects, and he has published papers in academic journals and a book on neural networks.

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