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Analyst opinion: There is no hiding place from failure to manage IT risks

Ovum view Summary The world around us is ever more complex and connected at almost every level, and in our organizational lives great economic, political, and climatic change ultimately impacts us all. The challenge of managing the risks arising from this complex environment also requires connectedness, and we are seeing responses at every level from […]

IT governance is the go-to solution for improving IT performance

Ovum believes that a number of factors are preventing organizations from reaping the benefits of a broader adoption of IT governance. Resolution of these problems lies mainly in the hands of the organizations themselves, but also with some in the IT industry who need to understand that wrongly branding technology as GRC, or IT governance, is damaging to their own commercial prospects.

Alan Rodger

“Enterprises need to ensure their IT governance and overall software management focus encompasses newer technology models such as cloud and mobile as these models gain maturity and become increasingly mainstream.” Working within Ovum’s enterprise ICT management and infrastructure solutions teams, Alan Rodger focuses on IT governance; governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) generally; project and portfolio […]